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Monday, July 30, 2012

The best Open House in TEXAS

The best in the whole state?  Okay, maybe I'm speaking things into existence with that comment but this is only the first of many new ideas we have for my husband's real estate business.

A little about the party leading
up to the date HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE

Some pictures for now....video still to come....also more pictures Wednesday which will have some vendors that attended.  Speaking of pictures we had an amazing photographer there, Ashley Jo Green of Armor of God Photography and here are some pictures she took.  If I can get her permission I'll add some of these pictures to my Weds post.  We shall see:)


  1. It was fun. Anyone who didn't come missed out.


  2. Glad it went well! Hope the house sells this week! Love your framed chalk board! Love you! Kim


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