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Thursday, September 29, 2011

party details--so many things to finish

How many days until this party?  24?  anyway, I was getting a bit overwhelmed by it all so Marc suggested I approach this as a business woman.  "Make a list of all your projects" he suggested.  So I did.  2 pages worth of projects I'm either in the middle of or on the verge of starting.  What!:!"!:?!:  I need help.  I prayed & as I was asking Him to send me an intern or friend a song bubbled up in me.  I say of the Lord You are my shield, my strength, my fortress, deliverer, my shelter, strong tower....my very present help in time of need.  And there I have it....He is my help!  He helps me in all I do as long as I continually put my trust in HIM according to Proverbs 3:5-6.

So as far as projects I NEED His help on:
coffee table turned into art with old fence wood, sconces and a photograph (drill holes for carriage bolts & mount photograph)
large map artfinished the medium one tonight and have the large one to tackle..Joann don’t worry I have one more place to look for the one element I’m missing.hang in there!
crosses (jeweled or maps)
an amazing Louis Shanks chair --paint & recover
Trunk cabinetpaint & distress legs from side table, install legs, strip varnish from trunk, add shelves inside
Light fixturepressure wash, install lighting inside---IF I get this one finished this will be one for the books
Our Sign!!!  Big pineapple yellow sign needs to be painted & framed out
2 lamps---paint, get lamp shades
Make art from the top of the end table we disassembled
Drawer from the table is a display shelf lined with OLD foreign stamps
Tree footboardmight be able to put this one off since we’re considering using this one for a while THEN selling it.  Would love to show it off though.a real work of art!
Grandma’s bracelet---a few pins & special things from my mom’s mom I want to wear as a bracelet then make a sister to sell---vintage earrings, coins, pendants, awards, pins & even an old small bell to add to the vintage chain!
Key necklaces---Marc does all the jewelryJ
Laptop table covered in an old map---wanna keep this one and would still love to show it as a sample of what we like to createJ we’ll see if it makes the cut
Magnets---already have 6 made & I really love them.  Used old rusted metal with vintage costume jewelry & crystals.so much fun to make these
Faith, Hope, Love Clockneed to add the back for hanging then send to Nino, my clock maker
Love artI guess all I have to do is add the back hardware but its SO big it’ll take 2 people to make sure its on straight. 
5 window art displays---have to work all 5 (if I have the time) on Photoshop to get to the printers..Photoshop better behave!!!!  I worked for a while yesterday & today on thisMiracle from heaven.I’m READY!  Thanks GOD.I love you.

This is just my project list.NOT my to do list for party prep.
OH LORD.please helpplease.  I would love for people to just get a good picture of what we do & what we create.  Everyone wants a unique conversation piece (or 10) in their house.  Trust me!  I’m a decorator & I know what my clients want.   I know the right eyes will see our work & even though not everyone will love it, there will be those that appreciate what we do & the Favor of God on our lives!

Ni-night.I’ll let you know tomorrow how things are looking & how we’re coming along. 

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