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Monday, September 12, 2011

gymnastics: my boys new favorite

Watching Tiernan run, bounce, roll, fall, jump and laugh today in Olympia Hills Gymnastics was captivating.  Even Koen just stared at his big brother doing all these fun things he can’t do at home. 

He ran as fast as he could on the training trampoline to launch into the big red cushy mat at the end.  He “jumped really high” in the foam block pit; Koen & I even ventured in at one point.  “don’t eat  that Ko!”  Tiernan also hung from monkey bars, or whatever kind of bars the gymnasts swing from.  Midway through our romping I remembered to get a picture or video of some sort….aggh!  battery dead!  Thought about charging it yesterday too.  10 minute warning “closing in 10 minutes” comes and I just realize my phone takes videos!  Yay….now I can share the fun with friends & family afar!  (and so I shall….share that is)

I shot about 5 short videos of our day of adventure but can only get one on YouTube so I’ll be sharing that with you.  Funny thing happens late at night when I finally remember to add a picture or video, everyone is asleep and using the computer in the study is a BAD idea….no need to wake my Honey…he has to get up so early.  So here I am again, without the technology to give my readers what they deserve…videos & photos!  Anyone listening? 

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