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Saturday, September 17, 2011

"Your house is Pinterest on steroids"...best compliment ever!!!!

Pinterest on steroids

I can’t believe I’m only NOW sharing this…my friend Julie came into town (Monday) from Arizona, where her & her husband live.  Now, I must admit, Julie & I were never very close.  She had many close girlfriends & I had a new marriage, a thriving business, church activities & a baby on the way when we really spoke for the first time.  Its pretty safe to say I was a bit consumed …. I certainly wasn’t my “normal” friend-making kinda gal.  

What started our friendship?  We spent a short time sharing an office at the real estate firm where my husband worked (and still does).  It gave me a place to meet clients, lay out my sewing projects & work the marketing & bookkeeping end of business while also giving me a chance to have girl chat.  I was privileged to hear all her wedding planning details as they unfolded.  I mean, what woman doesn’t like to share the joy of a friend about to walk down the aisle…..not me.  I love seeing my friends blessed & walking out God’s plan for their lives.  Well Julie is no exception.  I’ve seen God do some really great things for her & it makes me smile.  Its just the beginning Miss Julie!  Then we introduced them to Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover.  Totally life changing for them just as it has been for us.  So the bond was strengthened.  She then planned a diaper shower for Marc & I while we were expecting Koen.  Her attention to detail was remarkable & I’m sad she isn’t here to help me plan this big party for October 22nd!!!!  Her husband has his 10 year high school reunion far away from here on Friday.   Its ok folks, it’ll be great.  Mark your calendars ladies.  Invite to follow via FB or evite if I have your email address. 

Well I gave you a little (ok a little too much babble and side winding) background story just to share that she was able to drop by the other day (Monday)  & see the boys, Koen for the first time, and have a tour of the house in progress.  Now mind you, when she called I had just finished painting my new dresser --gift from God (free & gorgeous)-- and had only JUST placed it in the study.  Ok….do you know what that means?  I had clothes, jewelry, and just about everything else you can imagine strewn all over the study & spilling over into the bedroom.  Disaster!  I tell all my clients, it’ll have to get worse before it gets better…but when you have to take your own dose of advise its not so fun.  So with minutes on the clock until Julie arrives I’m flying through the house picking up…staging….making it all picture perfect for her first impression.  I even wrote “welcome home Julie” on the chalkboard just as you enter the front door.  Over the top?  I think NOT!!!  If you know me you know I’m the type that likes every single thing in its place, tidy, neat , totally & flawlessly decorated (although this house is still a work in progress as I’m sure I’ve already  mentioned).  Well the part of the story Marc enjoyed telling her when she arrived was that when I was running around cleaning (still in my painting clothes from the dresser project) he said “you might want to change” and I retort off the cuff “it doesn’t matter what I look like, she’s seen me cute, she’s never seen the house!”.   I mean am I right?!?  First impressions are so important & you never get another one.  “ok…could you come back again in 3 months & take another tour?  Pretend you’ve never seen it before.”  That doesn’t exactly work, right!? 

So there you have it….now I’ve arrived at the point of my story.  I have to share the most amazing compliment I’ve ever received on my home: 
“Your house is like Pinterest on steroids!!!”  The tone of voice & body language actually placed about 17 exclamation points on the end of that statement.  WOOOOHOOOO!!!!

Best ever compliment & coming from someone who is confident in her own style.  Bunny Trail: One thing I think is so important is once you find & identify your own unique style (call me to help if you don’t quite know yet) then stand strong there.   I have a LOT of friends that have a very different style than I do & some even laugh when they come over & see something new (which 90% of the time they hate….I mean strongly dislike) but all that makes me do is laugh…never getting offended because I’ve been around enough homes & different people to know everyone is unique & what I try to do for my clients is pull out their style & lead them to a successful palette & concept for the space to really work for them.  Change is sometimes hard but a healthy change must be welcomed & embraced  change must come  On a small scale, as an examplem what’s in now won’t necessarily look so wonderful in 10 years.  There comes a time to redecorate.

I didn’t plan on going into all of that but it must’ve been for someone out there listening.  Change is good….embrace it & move forward.  Read Jeremiah 29:11 for a little food for thought……

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”  (NLT)

 love to all....and ni-night.

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