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Monday, September 19, 2011

Lady friends in Austin...READ this important invite!!!!

Please read..all the way to the invite details on the bottomJ

Let me take you back to where it all began.  August:  Marc started raving about this new product that made their entire office smell amazing.  He tried to convince me for about a week to come in & smell this thing.  He finally realized I wasn’t interested or maybe he grew tired of waiting for me.  Either way, he came home one day from work with Scentsy & turned it on in the kitchen while I was in the bedroom.  I was SOLD!  Before I knew what hit me I was leaving the wackiest “I would like to sign up to seel this” kind of message to a woman I had never met before…my new friend, the Scentsy consultant.  She graciously met us at the house & informed us of the process & details but what really stands out for me about our first meeting is that most “consultants” (I’ll get back to that in a minute) start with a “launch party” to let their friends & family know they sell Scentsy & why its so wonderful…which it totally IS by the way!  Now any of you who know me know that I’ve never ever ever been interested in any of those businesses where you talk your friends into hosting a party at their house to tell them all about this “amazing” stuff you sell (whatever it may be, makeup, cooking stuff, purses, etc).  Now, don’t get me wrong some of those home parties are great because they introduce you to wonderful new things you didn’t know you needed until you found out about them and “had to” have them.  I get it!  I love Pampered Chef, Arbonne, trunk shows with random beautiful girlie things!!!  The goods come to you & you can chat with your friends in the process.  Love it & love attending those parties … if I don’t feel pressured to buy.  And there you have it!  The reason I’m not interested in selling anything by asking people to book parties with me:  I don’t like putting pressure on people’s pocket books….I want people to just love the product so much that they keep ordering refills & gifts from me…..constantlyJ

So now let me go back to the term “consultant”, which by the way, thanks for letting me detour here.  I don’t consider myself a “rep” or “sales consultant”!  I am a Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover graduate (fallen off the wagon a few times …. ok a LOT but I’m still here!?!).  A long long time ago I had to cut my candle budget into tiny little pieces of paper dust when I married Marc (my best friend) and we started having a family (amazing boys to boot).  Well a lot has happened since then & I can’t seem to spend what I used to on candles because I’d rather spend money on more important things.  Wouldn’t you? 

Now for the point of this blog entry to be revealed: after a few weeks of putting off the idea of a launch party (feeling a bit cheesy) then rescheduling a few times I finally have a date:  October 22nd.   Here’s the important part….its NOT simply my Scentsy launch party, its also a community gathering for ladies to meet up with some friends, make new ones by the droves,  win loads of fun door prizes (drawn every half hour), enjoy a dance performance from Inishfree School of Irish Dance, shoot some photos with friends in the photo booth (my ultimate joy will be to read the comments, encouragement, stories, memories & overall uplifting messages from you all in the photo scrapbook).  Also, I'm excited to announce that I’ll have various creative types selling their unique treasures and maybe even some great shops from Buda & Kyle will be showcasing their eclectic finds.  Consider this party a "one stop style shop"

No matter your style, we want to see you confident about who God has created you to be...dress up…for yourself.  Take the time out for you!  Currently I’m looking for a great dress & a really awesome vintage hat because hats can make an outfit go from so so to stunningly stellar (that was for Linda).  So I encourage you...if you've been looking to sport a fancy hat then this is your chance to do it without feeling silly.  

Please read..
Come and join me at the Motley Menagerie 602 West Center St. in Kyle
 Saturday, October 22nd from to .

We'll be serving light hors d’oeuvres and all LADIES are welcome.  RSVP would be great (meaning DO IT--please) by October 19th.  Simply email me your email address to thegreypear at gmail dot com so I can add you to the invite list and to make sure you receive any updates.  This is very important because if anything changes you’ll want to know about itJ  IF you do this it would greatly bless me AND if that isn’t enough to entice you…… I’ll enter you into a special drawing just for going above & beyond! 
How about that?!? 

So email me,  save the date and shop for a hat.  See you there!

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