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Saturday, September 17, 2011

gymnastics for my boys

Tiernan's first experience with gymnastics today was beautiful.  He had such a great time but secretively I had the BEST time.  I watched him jump everywhere, bounce off padded things, roll on the floor, run on the training trampoline, fall face first into the foam cube pit, all the while Koen watched in amazement as he fought off sleep (had to skip his nap to go).

I have 4 videos and I was able to get ONE on YouTube so I might be able to share it here.  Working on sharing more videos & pictures; only problem is everyone's in bed by the time I get to it & all the electronic stuff to accomplish this task is in our study with the computer....can't wake my resting Honey!

So I will get it together.....technically speaking....one day soon, I hope. 

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