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Friday, September 30, 2011

changing gears...turning the focus from selfish to selfless...a good goal to have.

We women wear MANY hats!  Would you agree?  Well tonight...only moments ago I was coming in from the garage to get something I needed to work on a project when I stopped, turned back around to turn off the garage lights, and locked the door.  A little earlier than normal considering that when the weather is right I could live in my garage working constantly while the family recharges for the next day.  God please let me survive on very little sleep each night and maybe throw in an afternoon nap a couple times a week. 
Back to my story- I came in to refocus on what’s important.GOD!  Then family.  Then business.  Selfish to Selfless. I want to remember to put others before myself.

Now back to me: allow me to share some of today’s adventures:
Marc kindly took Tiernan to school today (thank you Honeykins) so you can imagine the work I was able to pump out while Koen took his first nap. 
-I painted a coat of paint on Louis Shank chair (loving it!) 
-Found the purpose for the drawer---a way to display jewelry as art

One day soon I hope to get my act together & post pictures each day of the projects we’re working on or have completed.  I took some pics today but by the time I can get to the computer to type all this up its too much effort & the cords are in the master.  Not a good idea to wake my Honey. 

Back again:
-Drilled the holes for the coffee table art & the photo to install on it- going to be wonderful IF I can created something that looks like the vision in my head! Decided on what to do for the sidesspray paint.  You’ll love it!  Or not.

-Sanded a few items to prep for the next phase of fun.  Table top---may end up being wall art.  Legs for chest turned linen closetnot sure what I called it last night.
-Sprayed a few interesting finds.will see them at the partyreally really affordable so everyone can go home with something!

There were so many things earlier I was thinking to tell you about but right now they’re not coming…must be tired.

Oh, here are a couple new projects that were born tonight as Marc & I stirred creativity stew in the garage:
We’ll make a table out of an old metal box that looks like it used to house parts for a hardware store but I can’t be sure of it.  The legs from another table we took apart were a perfect fit but we had to strip them of some nasty veneer laminate.  Now we just have to drill the holes in this metal case....easy? we shall see!

And there was one other project we decided would be a good idea but I can’t think of it & normally I’d get up & go check out the garage to know for sure & add it to my blog.  But NOT TONIGHT!  I’m finished, at least in that room.

Although I always enjoy keeping you up to speed I'm rather sleepy so I shall sign off.  The last 3 nights I've gone to bed without taking the time to talk with God & prepare spiritually for the next day.  So tonight I'm not putting my relationship with God second to sleep or work for the truth of the matter.  I love when He is the last person I talk to & the one I wake up withafter only ONE snoozeby faith!!!
side moment: My Pastor just told a story about one of the big faith preachers that wouldn’t let more than 30 minutes go by without meditating on the word of God.  No wonder he was a faith giant.  Oral Roberts?  Kenneth Hagin? I’m sorry, I don’t recall.  I have a LONG way to go but the good news is nothing is impossible & I love seeking His face.  Amazing, this caring, loving God we serve.  We are abundantly blessed!!!

Ok.really I must go now!  Beddie-Bye...t

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