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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

weeding silliness

Pulling weeds (by hand) for the first time in my life has been, oddly enough, enjoyable.  I like seeing the end result which happens to be a yard full of lively green grass (my bold confession of faith over my yard ). 

I told Marc tonight while sharing the joy of my weeding accomplishments about these crazy weeds that grow out from one centralized spot and grow so close to the ground you can't even see the tiny branches until you see a few little ugly leaves...start pulling & it keeps on going!  And boy are those roots hard to get all the way out!  After an hour of working with bare hands on these nasty guys I grab my "new" gardening gloves (which up until yesterday had only been used for drilling, cutting, sanding and hauling in an attempt to keep girlie hands---lost cause!)                          Then..... ANNIHILATION!!!! I'm certain the trusty bottle of RoundUp will do all it claims to do--kill the roots--I mean what good is marketing if it doesn't work?  IT WILL WORK!!! 

Midway through my project (my boys were outside with me so I made it fun & entertaining).  At one point Tiernan started repeating "weeds, you die in the name of Jesus!" just like Mama:)  Guess all that's left to do now is to make up a little "weeds, you die" dance & perform it in the back yard:)

on yet another side note: although this is early as far as my nights usually go (11pm) I feel that bed calling out to me...."come here, forget it all, just lie down"  as I fight off sleep my pillow beckons "you've worked hard and 5 am comes quickly…get on over here!".   

After reading this post again I realize I should scrap it all & start over but my flesh is unable to continue another moment....and the chores might even wait until tomorrow. 

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