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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Change is GOOD...and its coming soon

Ready for a little "face lift" for Live Decorated?  Well, I am.  Tuesday we had a photo shoot with some amazingly talented guys that you'll hear all about in a few weeks’ time.  What happens in a few weeks?  We're rolling out the new, the fabulous, the anointed Live Decorated website, video & jingle.  Yes, the BEST is yet to come! 

Face lift:
Let's clear something up right here -
- NO, I’m not getting a face lift!  It’s time for my website, blog and show to step UP and into the plans & purposes God has in store for me...and for you....for US!!!  You’ll know more about all this as it unfolds; just hang tight.

To set the stage for my photo shoot I had to create just that, a stage. It was our plan to create a moment that shows the world how we Live Decorated.  I say “we” because this isn’t just about me...it truly is about US...all of us.  Joining hands & hearts, near & far, to live a beautiful life, pleasing to God.

I started with one of my vintage settees since I LOVE vintage everything.  I brought some colorful flowers.  We set them on my friend’s stunning green marble pedestal from Italy which made the arrangement sing:)  

I added some rusted goodness along the fence and until about 2 am my friend & I stayed up creating this “farmhouse glam” chandelier; I had it in my head for months & finally made time to make it reality

Side wind:
Turns out fishing wire isn’t the way to go; I’ll have to start all over in order to have something special.

I had a blast selecting my outfits & jewelry with my girls the night before.  You’ll see when time approaches that I’m wearing vintage jewelry as well.  Some very important pieces I snagged from both of my grandmamas (who are no longer living). 

Side wind:
One side of my family are farmers and the other, ranchers so I grew up with hay, corn, sows, cows, huge gardens and my passion, HORSES!  I so love to groom, ride, bathe, show and anything in between. One of the metals was from a prize hog, most likely won at the county fair. 

I thought I'd share this little sporadic video taken right before I left for my friend’s house where the photos were set to take place.  The fun thing about these photos & this process is that we were set to shoot so far away from my house (N. Austin) I had to stay the night at hers in order to be on time...and I was STILL lateJ 

The video you’re about to watch may seem chaotic but is just my unique "time squeeze” approach to scheduling.  The less time you have the more you can get finished...right?  I’ve heard it said “if you want something done ask a busy person.” At least for me, I work faster & more efficient when I’m pressed for time. Hmmm....

I was, in my husband’s eyes, late for leaving my house while the to do list kept getting longer rather than shorter.  T had to go potty & wouldn't let daddy help...only mama.  My clothes weren't packed, the drill, the rusted metal, the flowers, everything was all over the garage, and for some reason I just HAD to clean out the fridge!  

I always feel like I can get one more thing accomplished before the timer goes off but this day was rediculous.  To top it all off I only had ONE headlight, which is why my sweet man wanted me GONE!  He didn’t want me driving in the dark....say it with me....”aaahhhhhh” 

Closing Remarks:
I’m working on 2 more videos that’ll show our process.  Together we will reach the world for Christ & teach everyone to decorate their lives along the way.  I mean, Hey, don’t YOU want a more beautiful, decorated life? 

Thought so!

Big hugs and dreams of unique adventures for you,


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  1. SO CUte! I love the way you display your jewelry!



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