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Monday, June 25, 2012

FULLY charged with PHOTOS to share

On my way to bed trying to process everything I experienced in the past 4 days at The Sound Worship Conference in Dallas I’ve decided to give you the story in picture form until I can filter through what to share & what bits need to stay private...you know I tend to be an over-sharer (I'm sure that phrase exists...if only for me).    

I know in the next few days or weeks some special words will come 
to you...HERE...that will encourage you and help guide you on this journey we’re taking together to Live Decorated.   

For now, enjoy my fancy picture show & come back soon....oh and I really hope you'll join me next year in Dallas.  It's always the Wednesday through Saturday the week after Father's Day...so mark your calendars NOW!  SOUND folks, if you want to comment with the date that would be cool too:)

If you attended the conference leave a comment (even anonymous) as to what it all meant to you....I'm still working at formulating my thoughts into words!
walking up on Weds...the excitement is overwhelming....and I'm already taken by
by this rockin' church!

T man is excited to ride the train to children's church...."bye Mom"-
The reflection of light captured me--do you look all around you to find beauty?
I want to hear all about it:)
Weds night kickoff....it's amazing folks...make plans to come, really!
I had the great opportunity to hear Calvin Nowell minister
then about tackled him for a photo:)  blessing of a man right here!

Some of the fine folks lined up for Q&A...even turned into a powerful time of
worship....HA!  What a funny God we serve to show up when you least expect it:)
(Instagram wouldn't allow everyone on stage to be in the shot)
had to get one shot of me BEFORE I cried all my makeup off:)  thanks Honey

Inspiration was all around me.   
Millions of aspects of this weekend, this experience, engage my senses.  This place is designed & created with EXCELLENCE!!!


The carpet

my nametag in my lap even gets me happy

Martha Munizzi & Nicole Binion love this drink and now, so do I!

empty seats waiting for everyone to return from lunch
the woodwork seemed quite timeless to me...classic, yet comfy

yes, I'm nutty...the bathroom was even lovely so I had to stop
for pictures....and yes, some ladies noticed my silliness:)  they smiled

 The last day of the conference:

stranger things have happened than me standing in the dining room trying
to get this shot.  My family knows me & nothing surprises them anymore.

Want more info?
The church that hosted the conference: Covenant Church in Carrollton
Vocal stylings:
The Covenant Worship Team (wish I could name them all)
Bryan & Katie Torwalt from Jesus Culture
And Mary Alessi led worship Sunday morning
Powerful Speakers:
Lance Wallnau of the Lance Learning Group (boy would I LOVE to hire him as my coach one day!)
Craig Dunnagan from Integrity Music
Mark Batterson Pastor of National Community Church in D.C. wrote         The Circle Maker which we bought & WILL BE reading
John Brockman worship leader (with wife) at Destiny World Outreach Center in Killeen, TX
Pastor Amie Dockery life changing message & testimony for me!!!!
Pastor Mike Hayes of Covenant Church where the conference was held....thanks Pastor Mike for allowing this kind of FREEDOM to worship!!!!
Pastor Joel Scrivner gave Marc & I the most powerful word from God we've ever received & we have it forever on DVD...already watched it a couple times tonight.

Hope I didn't forget anyone...please click the links & find some new favorite people!!!  I have so much gratitude in my heart for ALL the wonderful, generous people involved in this conference down to each volunteer who served joyfully & faithfully.  
We felt so loved & welcomed!!!

my boys missed me so much while I was away so Saturday it was ALL about them...such sweet treasures I have!

Hugs & love from the heart of Texas,


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