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Monday, June 11, 2012

sea world road trip :: scattered thoughts

after chasing T all over the rope gymnasium...."wait for Mama please"
this was the priceless "why can't you keep up?" look on his face
Here's a little unknown fact about moi....I want so badly to write a song...a good one....maybe a jazzy soulful song....to sing out boldly for the One who made me...who gave me all these amazing blessings....arms, legs, eyes, ears, my beautiful family, a king-size bed, my CHI flat iron, airplanes to transport me all over the world, Sea World to entertain my kids....we're actually on our way now:)  

(wrote this 4 days ago on the iPad...in the car...jamming out...
on our way to Sea World---finally getting time to post and if you'll excuse me this is a random thought process while driving down the road.  If it doesn't make any sense, come back to the blog another day & it'll be totally different.  In other words, don't judge me or this blog by this one off-the-wall post alone:)

One thing we love to do on road trips is blast some good music and either rock out or worship.  For some favorite artists see this post

So I'm always making music for Him with my voice....as poorly tuned as it is now....in the privacy of my home, car and, well, community park;)  my neighbors certainly think I'm loopy and for good reason. 

"Joyfully....i lift my voice to praise the One true living God"  wow...today Kari Jobe is helping us enter in.

Don't you just stand in awe when you see a sky so brilliantly blue you can't bear it without your “sunnies” with layers of white billowy clouds floating by, changing as they go...no one cloud ever the same as another?  I'm amazed each time I tune into this amazing world around me!!

Kari sings a song...."sweep me away in Your love...where nothing else matters!!!!"

OK...just arrived...must now get myself & the stroller organized for safe, easy-going playtime fun.

--BIG 7 hour pause--

T absolutely loved the sharks this time

side by side..I always love this show! next time its splash zone
for me & T
no trip to Sea World is complete without a chat with Cookie Monster

Whew...we lasted till 5pm!!!!

check out the fun video...filled with rides, water play, rope climbing fun, bit of a downpour, majestic sea creatures all perfectly enhanced by Marc's famous snack packing abilities. Wanna hear the goods? fruit, organic snack bars, cheese sticks, boiled eggs, pistachios and the obvious.... chocolate..hehehe  

LivE Decorated....continue the adventure with us:)  Stay tuned...my next post (set for tomorrow at 8am) is going to be a behind the scenes look into the video...some key points one of the actresses make about dreams & being in the position God has for you.

In other words, if you take a look through different lenses (through faith & prayer) your experience today (even if it’s just Sea World) can open your eyes and heart to greater things.  We'll get into all that tomorrow:)  oh you'll be encouraged alright!

 (I'm going to setup scheduled posts so you won't have to get random posts at 3am:)  maybe you'll be able to keep better track of me:)
Hugs n love n cookie crumbs on your plate....


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