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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sleepless Confession

Not too smart....finishing the second coat of my toenail polish at 2:45am. 

So I wait...and wait....hunger setting in now.


5 Hour Energy could, in fact, mean at least 14 hours of non-stop energy.

I know first hand!

Accomplish more, sleep less

Try a hair dryer on toes for a fast dry ... then BED!

That's not the worst of it.  I decided a couple hours ago, between my mountain of to-do accomplishments to try out my waterproof liquid eyeliner for the first time...with NO other makeup on my face!!

huh...I wonder what Marc will think when he wakes up in the morning next to this!!!!

I think I've crossed over some unspoken boundary between goofy & outright NUTS-O!!!  I'll be back to normal after a couple hours of sleep:)  If the boys would just sleep in till 7:)

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