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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

transparency :: POWER

Now that I’m back in full swing I’ll be updating you on my latest art creations a fun quickie makeover using only the items the homeowner had on hand.  But for today I want to check in on YOU.  I’m always talking about how to “Live Decorated” so have you been finding anything helpful? 

  • How are YOU living decorated?  
  • What little quirks make you special?
  • What things put a smile on your face?  
  • Have you started thinking of ways you can beautify your world?

This weekend "Live Decorated" took on a whole new meaning for me.  Keep in mind this is the life I’ve created for myself...
decorating each step of the way.  I’ve been striving for
beauty in every area.  Oh, but some funky junk I’ve been sweeping under the proverbial rug of avoidance has come to light. 

Three big things actually....:

my attitude, my words & my expectancy.

When God speaks to your heart you can expect to be forever changed. 

My words are now getting in line with what I KNOW to be true from the Word of God.  Promises He’s made to all of us who have accepted Him into our lives, our hearts.  Are you experiencing His best?  the abundant life?

I have such a check in my spirit to turn things around IN ME that I thought I’d bring them to light here.  I will never try to convince you that I have it all together because creating an illusion of perfection isn’t my style.  I love what the David & Nicole Binion kept saying at the conference we attended ... “transparency”.  In case you missed the pictures from our life changing weekend see HERE.

I want my life, joys, struggles and everything in between to help you through your highs & lows.  For me, right this moment, it starts with the words I’m speaking over my life, my circumstances, my children, my marriage.  I NOW speak LIFE...blessings...prosperity...hope...peace...LOVE!  Now is the time for change!  Now is the time for greatness!  NOW is the time for breakthrough!!!!

I’m SO ready for the greatest adventure of my life and I hope you’ll come right along beside me & allow your heart & your world to be changed...for the better.

the ultimate Makeover tip:

God has greatness...POWER...on the inside of YOU.  I don’t know who you are or what your life looks like right now but I know there is greatness in you and a divine plan for you to walk out.    

I pray right now if you’re reading these words that your life will be abundantly blessed as you allow God to move in and through you.

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