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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

NEW for LOVE :: Do something BIG

Can you think of something special you could do for your husband or wife to make their day or take some weight off their shoulders?   Here's a project I completed in an afternoon in order to bless my husband and take one of the million things OFF his to-do list for a change.   Ahhh....now that's love.  That Love Dare book is obviously doing its work in me:)

 I'm sure he's more thrilled that the nagging will finally stop about those dang shelves "that aren't even a necessity anyway"~my Honey quote

Watch the video...turn of events for sure.  What I didn't get to show you (follow through isn't my strong suit) was that I painted & built the thing all myself and here's the joyful surprise...a month after installation they are STILL standing strong!!  YAY!!!!

some ideas to get your brain cells moving:

  • doing the budget
  • paying the bills
  • cooking dinner
  • picking up dry cleaning
  • cleaning the toilets
  • taking them lunch to work
  • mowing the grass
  • planting some fresh flowers that he/she will see as they come home each day.

So as I've mentioned before I'm a bit behind on my video output...but here's a Sneak Peek:
Not only are you waiting to see Marc's office after the transformation....I'll also be bringing you an interview from one of the owners of the most awesome frozen yogurt "boutique" (that's what I'm calling it):
Chill Out.  You'll find them in the Target & Kohl's shopping center in Kyle, TX.
I have some inside info you'll want to know before even walking into a yogurt bar.  Oh, yeah....keep watching.

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