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Monday, June 18, 2012

Pool, jump, fish, God time, encouraging words--short n sweet

tiny socks - big feet
Weekend adventures spilled over into our week with a fabulous Jumpy Place visit.  This weekend’s fun was mainly held at the community pool where we landed our favorite lounge chairs under the most beautiful shade tree at the furthest corner.  I felt like princess for a day at my very own pool:)  then the crowds arrived. 

We also had an outdoor fishing adventure which ended with a
sleepover at Mimi & Papa’s...it was a great way to celebrate Father’s Day

Church is a weekly MUST for us but not only do we enjoy it, our kids always come home with happy hearts & a story to tell.
Thanks God!

Here are some pictures...maybe tonight when the kiddos are in bed I’ll be more sparky:)

church naptime

we LOVE the pool during a Texas summer...God's blessings:)

Keep a notebook or Evernote handy at all times for random thoughts, brilliant ideas, to-do list drop offs (best not to keep those floating in your head).  I keep a notebook in every room, in my car and Evernote on my computer & iPad.  Actually, as I type this it sounds like quite a mess...but it works for me.  Find your own system.  Zig Ziglar said "An idea unrecorded is an idea often forgotten."  I might have gotten the exact wording wrong but you get the gist of it.

Mimi & Papa's front yard

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  1. His beauty is EVERYWHERE and so EASY to see!!! Thanks for sharing such beautiful snipits of his love.



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