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Sunday, October 9, 2011

healed & prosperous! You???

Healed!  I am healed!  So I felt totally terrible all morning & honestly slept on & off until .  When I woke up at 2 after eating I noticed my prayers were answered!  I was totally healed.  I’m not even messin’ around when I say I felt terrible.  Some kinda funk had gotten into my chest & was affecting Marc & the boys as well.  We all seem to feel fantastic & it goes to show the God we serve is a good God who still heals, saves, delivers & sets people free!  WOOHOOO!!!

When Marc & T went down for their well deserved nap Koen & I were left to ourselves.  I took a video of him crawling all around, ignoring me & eating food off the floor.  When Ko finally joined the other boys for his nap it was party time for me.  I felt fantastic!  This video I shot of Koen embarrassed me to the point of cleaning my floors on my hands & knees.  That lasted for about the time it took to finish the playroom floors (and that was just cleaning around the rug).  The real action started when Swiffer entered the scene.  I was a busy bee cleaning all the floors ...oh, not any of the bedrooms actually...so what took me so long?  I also cleaned the kitchen & spray painted a frame for the Psalm 32 art.  I said I wasn’t going to work in the garage today & I meant it.  I worked on the front porch. 

I also kinda finished ... ok almost finished ... the Louis Shanks chair.  Which, by the way, I don’t think I’m gonna sell.  I think that’ll be added to our staging inventory.  Gotta start somewhere, right?  Marc ran a video of me on YouTube which I’m going to try to attach to my blog.  He wasn’t supposed to get my face & I forgot to address the camera a lot & explain what I was doing.  But ya know something... this isn’t my regular thing. Sometimes I just need to figure something out & work it through.  That’s where all this talk about helping the normal housewife do things to save her money.  Hence this blog entry. 

Sprayed the butterflies again on the unnamed butterfly art I have yet to reveal.

I think I have the plan for the top piece of the side table.  The one where I used the drawer as a jewelry caddy.  Anyway, I’m between 2 ideas... gluing old foreign stamps on the entire surface then painting over with a scripture or something OR I could paint it, do a painting on top of that paint then seal it really well & make another table out of it with funky legs.  I wonder what will happen with that one!  Any suggestions?  Crickets.

Anyway...God just continues to show himself more & more each day.  Through my new friend Cat He told me I was going to have each hostess draw & give their gift away themselves.  Each hostess will also get 30 seconds to talk about what they do, who they are & whatever they want to share in that time... could be words of encouragement, a story, something interesting about them or what they make or do.  It’ll be perfect.  God has His hand on every aspect of this party.

Praise God I’m healed & prosperous!...how about you?!?!



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