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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

party details--added a hostess & worked a ton!

What an amazing day!  I had a blast with my boys, took them to The Jumpy Place for the morning.  If you live in this area you really should try them outfriendly, clean, fun & safe.  Great time meeting new ladies tooforgot my purse so I didn’t get to give out invite or business card though.

Naptime rolled around & I was in a fancy rush to accomplish as many projects as possible.  So I finished ONE
  • The fence coffee table art. Took a LOT longer than I thought but I did finish it & all that has to be done is the mounting stuff on the back. 
  • Then I started TGP sign (pegboard)now halfway finished with the painting -- still need to buy, cut & mount the 1x6 frame.
  •  Wood glued the bench & picked a color for paint (tomorrow perhaps) unless I change my mind---on the color that is.  I would love the Holy Spirit to jump in on this one & show me which color is best for the future owner of this neat bench. 
  • Applied the fabric tape or ribbon to the back of the chair & cut n fixed the seat fabric.  Looking amazing!  I have to really be on with that one because I don’t do this type of thing often & I don’t want to mess it up.  Every piece I mess up I think we’ll just have to keepJ  I mean I don’t want to sell anything I don’t just love...right?!  Not sure if that sounds right but we shall see.

I know this is pretty random tonight but so what!  Another random yet poignant thought: Funny in a really cool and I don’t have another word to describe it kinda way--is God has really been working on my art.  Every time I make a mistake on a piece(which sadly happens often) He turns it into something beautiful.  A whole story on this will be attached to “LOVE”.

One more side winding trail here and I’ll leave you with many blessings:  I spoke with this wonderful lady (friend of a friend) who sells Dolce Mia products which I had never heard of until today.  She has the same idea about design that I have for this party & she’s totally ready to come onboard.  What a great God we serve ya’ll!  Hello!!!  Anyway, believing Him to bring more amazing women across my path for this journey! 

Love n hugs,

And many many blessings!!!

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