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Friday, October 7, 2011

new hostesses--party updates & WOW...amazing day to share

Today was amazing!!!  I mean really & truly amazing!  I had a divine appointment with this amazing mom & her 2 daughters.  Both daughters are going to be “hostesses” at my party.  One is a decorator & artist, the other bakes yummy cupcakes & goodies. I’m certain loads of ladies will love their creations. 
I had my first RSVP phone call todayLOVE IT!  Thanks Kathy for signing up & bringing your 2 daughters!

Spent all afternoon getting ready for the BIG garage sale tomorrow at the Motley Menagerie.getting ready for the big party & cleaning out every nook & cranny. So make sure you come to the garage sale tomorrow morning!

I’m also working at redesigning the space & remerchandising all the rooms with our creations & unique finds.  You must also take a look inside and watch as it takes shape from now until October 22nd.  Change is good & you know I love to make things look pretty. FUN!!!!

Project update:  So you wanna know what projects I worked on today?  Why in the world do I ask, of course you do! : )
I stained the wood that will frame out the sign and an extra pieces as a shelf for tea cups.   I also moved 2 works of art into Motley’s tonight for showcasing as soon as I have space & time to hang ‘em.  I believe for favor as God is sending me the photo booth people!  Good stuff.   I spent a lot of time with my boys playing in the back yard, teaching Tiernan about “room time” and teaching Koen “no”.  He seems to really like cat food.

An early sign off tonightthank God Darlene made me leave early.  I would’ve stayed all night long working!  Thankfully I get an early night.  After today’s workI’m sleepy & need to recharge for a sale.

Ni-Night folks.LOVE


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