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Sunday, October 9, 2011

missing church today:(

I hate missing a church service!  Especially with the anointing so strong the past few months ...you really wanna be at every one.  You see, we’re blessed to receive rich word at our church, however my family is missing today because we are overcoming!  We are NOT sick!  We are the healed of the Lord!  Marc & I were talking & asked ourselves do they really want us greeting at the front door today the way we look & soundprobably NOT.  Sorry John to cancel on you last minute!  The good news is God shows up at our house tooright where we are.  He is so faithful.

To top it all off...it’s POURING...with lightning & thunder (favorites of mine),  I’m going to guess we’ll be exiting that stage 3 drought we’ve endured for so long.  Now that makes for an amazing day of restoration with my family. 

So today there will be NO work in the garage so no project update this evening.  Maybe some insight, a story or some words of encouragement later.  Have a blessed day & feel free to send some scriptures or prayers for healing our way!

Thanks for your prayers & LOVE


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