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Saturday, October 15, 2011

pickin' with the gang & serious forward motion.

3 days late!  I haven’t updated you for 3 whole days!  Well, it’s been a little busy to say the least.  I mean really, you can’t imagine. 
Clearly giving you 3 days’ worth of updates would bore some of you to tears so I’ll start with last night. I had a friend over to stay the night & HELP me with...well, anything & everything to do with this party.  So we all played with the boys, ate dinner, Marc gave T a bath, I put Ko down then work began...
We started with our Scentsy orders for the party.  In order to make this happen the 3 of us had to smell each & every scent.  TonS!  Marc finally broke out the bag of fresh coffee beans.  Good move Honey! After about 23 different yummy fragrances & a few hairy ones, we were all a bit slap happy for some reason.  Giggles ensued.  And continued...fizzled...then returned for a grand finale.  Fun times.

Music is pretty final.  I wanted a jazzy bluesy funk all in the Christian genre.  Nearly impossible feat.  She did a great job coming up with various artists & sounds to make the evening great (I can see its been loads of work for her...huge blessing).  I picked up a couple Big Band Swing CD’s.  Come on, you know you want more swing music in your life.  Now, if we could just have some cool God music with that beat...NICE!  The music is pretty random with a funky, jazzy, contemporary, hip hop vibe.  It’ll have a little something for everyone.
I was able to formulate a plan for the Scentsy table setup (since that only came up in my plans yesterday...guess I’d better get on that). 
Marc has also been a HUGE help the past couple days. We went pickin’ on his parents land as a family & found this amazing piece of corrugated rusted tin that will be perfect for a big lovely work of art.  He’s also been helping me brainstorm and making sure I haven’t forgotten anythinga few things already have come to light so thanks Honey. 
We’re planning to get some carpentry help from my dadgoing Monday to San Antonio after he gets off work to discuss a couple projects (and maybe leave them with him to finish:)  He’s amazing & I just know he’ll be able to pull it off.  So happy happy to have help in this area...especially since I’m down to the wire.  Less than 7 days left & I need to make a HUGE statement.  I hope the world is ready for this husband & wife duo.

Love & hugs...sleep well,


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