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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Help is here--now take it!

God is sending me the help I need and now I need to find the time to reach out and ask for help...today was all about my family!  I felt a bit scattered but all in all it was a great day.  Did you see that amazing blue sky with puffy white clouds?  My favorite kind of sky actually.

Marc worked on the jeweled cross for a while after the boys went to bed & I sat across the table from him.  Its looking rather good. 

I finished the “G” which I painted on an old railroad tie.  I have about 15 more so I’ll take orders at the party if anyone wants a monogrammed conversation piece for their entry...perhaps above the door bell:) 

Have a vision for 3 more paintings on old wood...just need to make time to be creative.  Now would work but I’m fading fast...thought I’d drop an update in case I have any readers yet:)  Some people seem to think a blog has to be purposeful.  Isn’t this full of purpose?  To share the Favor of God on our lives & how it affects those around.  And from time to time random thoughts about life, family, God, hair, The Party, and food.  Ok, food doesn’t get too much attention on this blog, lets be honest!

That’s all for now my friend.  Till tomorrow (should be picking up my clock then). 

Love & peace


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