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Sunday, October 2, 2011

party planning--2 more miracles

Do you wanna hear something amazing?  Well I’m sure I’ve already told the miracle story about my invitations for the party & how they came about.not enough time to read my older posts to confirm so if you’ve missed it here’s a brief rundown of the occurrence:
At about one morning I was praying about the invitations to the party (comment if you want to be added to invite listladies only) & asking God for help (long story why my printer & setup weren’t cuttin’ it).  At around I receive a call from Jesse CC West printing.  Apparently I had used their services YEARS and ages ago & they were just checking in on me.  It had been SO long in fact that I didn’t even know what CC West was & had to google them.  Well if that wasn’t a direct answer from God Himself I don’t know what is!  Just a few days later I had them in my hand & boy are they amazing!  Thanks CC West for your help & being used by God to answer my prayer!

Well Saturday I had another miracle.  I’ll share in a couple days due to the sensitivity of the matterJ  stay tuned!

Then today ANOTHER answer to a request I’ve placed before God 2 weeks ago.  I’ve been praying for HELP!  Really really praying for someone to help me.  Well, I now have 2 people helping me with this party!!!!  God’s hand is clearly at work in the planning of this event.
I would share the details but they really don’t matter what matters is that I asked God & He provided for my needsjust like He’ll provide for YOUR needs!

I heard someone say once that God isn’t moved by NEED.  He’s moved by FAITH!  I don’t know about you but I desire the God kind of faith that moves mountains. 

Much LOVE....and blessings to you

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