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Sunday, October 9, 2011

how to recover a chair with a hot glue gun...start where you are

Some of you may already know but one of my favorite quotes was taken from someone, perhaps famous, but I can’t remember who...
Start where you are,
Do what you can and
Use what you have

That says so much right there about our business and our style.  So in order to promote the use what you have line I’m all about reusing, recycling & GIVING generously.  I’ll start randomly showing stay at home moms how to do things, create things, organize things, etc.  I add the word randomly because I don’t know what that looks like for me with 2 little ones, a husband, a decorating business, my art, our furniture projects, this party I’m planning and a small portion of my brain dedicated to the technical aspects of this technical world I’m making every attempt to keep up with through blog, website, and facebook.  Anyone else have a lot on their plate...raise your hand.  I know too many moms to count who have their plate just as full if not more than I do.  Surround yourself with a strong support team.  I’m still building mine right now.  Pray in the people that will be part of that team...pray blessings on them, financial increase on them, healthy family life, peace & joy as well as LOVE!  God will send you the right individuals who will help you shine & guess what...in the process YOU get to bless their hat crooked!  You know what I mean by that...bless them SO much by a smile, a touch, a listening ear, a caring heart, a special gift and your loving words.  God loves when you love on His sons & daughters. 

So the question I have for you tonight is a question a dear friend from church asked me when I had just had Tiernan, How is your relationship with God? It was a tough question to be asked in the middle of the hustle & bustle of checking kids in, greeting friends that pass, and remembering diapers.  I said it’s good, I’ve been having great quality time with God.  I mean, what do you say to that?  No, I’m really not where I should be, could we talk?  NO.  I didn’t even feel at the time that my walk with God wasn’t close.  I thought all was great.  Now a couple years later I realize that was just the beginning.  My walk with God is so much more than it has ever been.  Its not just a “hallelujah I’m healed” kinda deal.  It’s the real deal & some days more than others honestly.  Some days I get wrapped up in life then turn to God & ask Him His opinion of something.  Other days I can sense Him walking with me & guiding through each conversation, decision and memory.  The good news is I’m NEVER going back!!!  I’m so happy to be walking through this life growing closer every day to God & my husband...each day brighter & brighter.

That all being said... ask yourself...just you, no one else around...
How is your relationship with God?  Every relationship involves 2...are you seeking Him?  Asking Him into every moment of your life? 

Proverbs 3:5-6 says
“Trust in the Lord with all your heart & lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct & make straight & plain your paths.”

So trust in Him, inquire of Him.  What does He want you to see today?  What does He want you to do today?  Do it...walk it out.  He’ll be there to guide & protect you.  If you wonder where in the Bible to find that one check Psalm 32:8.

On a silly sidenote before I head back to my chair project...Marc ran a video of me on YouTube which I’m going to try to attach to my blog.  He wasn’t supposed to get my face & I forgot to address the camera to explain what I was doing.  But ya know something... this isn’t my regular thing. Sometimes I just need to figure something out & work it through.  That’s a whole other entry & since I don’t think you can take it right now I’ll have to save it for another day...remind me to tell about the process, how I work & why you’ll have to excuse me as we take this journey together.  Together...you, me and anyone else out there reading this quirky, long winded, random words on a page blog.



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