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Thursday, October 20, 2011

housework can wait! much to do

Koen just demanded this nap so I’m at home trying to finish creating one more art piece for the show...I mean party Saturday.  Too much to tell & each moment I spend typing I feel I neglect my duties. 
Dad is working on the chest cabinet (painting & adding legs) and “Faithwhich is the word spelled out in old rusted tools or parts of things...most I don’t even know what they are but I dug them up & they inspire me!  BEAUTIFUL!!!

¨      Measure & cut piece for one of the Huge squares of old wood we have
¨      Print image with CC WestI hope they can have it in time!
¨      Parking signcut & paint
¨      Setup sign-in book pages with pens
¨      Sand chair down a bit

FLOORS???  May have to wait till next week!

Now back to work.

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