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Friday, February 3, 2012

flowers make a room dance

flowers from friends & my Daddy's hat that bought with him years ago
he was always making me wear hats & now I have his to sport!!!
Thanks to my wonderful friends for the beautiful flowers....I LOVE fresh flowers....they add such life & color.  God has truly blessed me with not only a wonderful family that obviously comes together in times of need but my church family....which is my family as well.  They have been lifting us up in prayer so greatly that it’s tangible.  I can actually feel their prayers....not to mention the great food they've been bringing to the house.  I mean, really, who can think of food in a time like this? 

You see that book...How to Live and Not Die...funny story.  We were to meet at the funeral home Sunday after church so I asked the ladies from church to drop by 3 copies of this book (I love giving books to people who I know will be blessed by the content) so the whole time we were meeting with the funeral director they sat on his desk, in front of me, with my name on the top.  My sister & Melissa both wondered why this man passed a book out to his clients about how to live and not die!  Bad business they thought:)  I laughed so hard when Amanda asked me about it with that sweet look in her eyes!

Bottom line is if you need healing in your body get this book...and read my other blog post all about it...by Norvel Hayes.

Random share:

Last Thursday afternoon....24 hours before the news....I opened this gift from my dad which he must've sent at Christmas time (maybe I should check my mail more often).  My last conversation with him was Saturday before all thisI didn’t even say thank you!  What a thoughtful man he was.  He knew how much I loved "picking" rusted treasures ... I am my father’s daughter! 

(Marc made the matchbox cover...I love that man!)

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