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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

vision wall...checking in!

How’s your vision board going?  Did you think I forgot?  Come on!  You know me better than that! 
Do you want this year to be greater than any other year you’ve ever had? 
I believe today is the start of the best of my lifenot just the rest of it but the BEST!  Now, I’ve had some pretty good times in my past but I don’t live there & you shouldn’t either.  Good or bad, your past is just that ... your PAST.  Your future can be greater than anything you’ve ever known...starting NOW...TODAY!  here's a little clip about God's Goodness to get you excited about what HE has for YOU!!! 
You onboard?

Starting your vision board:  If you’ve been asking God “what do you want me to do, have, or be this year?” then I’m sure you’ve heard from Him.  Even if all He told you was to take a little step in this direction or that one...you’re on the right track. 
Tip #1: Get it on your vision wall......what do you want?  See it in front of you every day & ya know what else?  Believe that God is bigger than anything you can imagine...that He wants good things for you and that you can have ALL the blessings in His word.  They’re not just for those big faith preachers, they are for YOU and ME! 
Tip #2:  check our mouth......your words, that is.  What are you saying about your marriage, about your kids, about your finances?  Speak LIFE.  You’ve gotta speak “it” (whatever you’re believing for) into existence.  Live decorated by speaking good things into your world. 
Tip #3:  I’m listening to my husband when he tells me (through his blog www.fiveminuteslate.com) to get my eyes off myself and my problem and set my eyes on Jesus.  This week has been amazing as I’ve been pressing in to His presence through extra focused prayer time before the kids wake up (only about 3 snoozes)......just seeking Him and who He is.  Fun stuffand ya know something?  We’ve been watching His favor increase greatly even in the past 48 hours. 
Tip #4:  Obey & He will bless the fruit of your hands.....your work...labor.....thoughts...family.....marriage......finances.  Oh Yeah!!!
Tip #5:  Get some cool magazines you love & cut out some things that represent what you want in your future then fix ‘em on your vision board.  I guess this is the same as Tip 1oops... oh well, read on......
This doesn’t just go for material possessions.....it also applies to your marriage (a happy couple that look to be in love), your family (if you want a baby or happy kids), travel (places you want to visit), words (positive words you want to see every day to get you to a higher place of victory).  I have the word ZERO on my board representing my belief that all my debts are PAID OFF!!!  I have the words “THE BLESSING” on my wall and “entertaining” and “waterfront living” and “play date” and “moving the mountain” (for my mountain of debt on its way into the sea).  You get the idea...just start now, where you are.  It doesn’t have to be beautiful and if you have some words you want to see every day like a scripture or something else specific don’t wait till you find it in a magazine, print it from a regular Word doc. in a neat font you can read easily.  Read it every day & confess those blessings over your life. 

This video may need to be revisited:)

Blessings to you & your family, your business & your finances!

Love n hugs

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