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Saturday, February 4, 2012

I was supernaturally healed last night! Wooohooo!!!!

Yesterday was one goopy mess of a hard day for me is all I can say...thank God I had a couple really good friends reach out & bring me back to the reality that I know and am loved by a pretty AMAZING God!!!

Movie time...last night Marc & I watched a movie we borrowed from a lady at church.

Finger of God is a remarkable movie/documentary of the miracles God is doing around the globe.  Love what Shara had to say about the fire of God's Love.  For a couple hours I forgot about my painphysical & emotional.  God is a BIG God...nothing is impossible with Him!

short background as to why I have been experiencing chronic pain for over 20 years on a daily basis:  I had a ruptured disc with emergency surgery when I was around 14 (hours away from paralization according to Neuro Surgeon)then fractured my skull twice with horse accidents about 10 years apart.  My spine was a tad crooked to say the least.  At the end Sid Roth prayed over everyone watching ... he specifically mentioned someone with spine problems & pain...I stood up right there in our study & received healing for my back, neck & even my right shoulder.  Right here...just accepted the free gift.    

Today I've been doing all sorts of things trying to get my emotions, body & house back on track through this grieving process (check out My Daddy page if you're here for the first time).  Guess what folks....I have not felt one twinge of pain anywhere!!!  Did you hear me....ALL DAY!   Hopefully you didn’t know about the pain because I made every attempt to NOT complain & to keep my words in line with His Word. 

So let me say it one more time...HEALED!!!!  Get that movie...watch it.  Also, read How to Live and Not Die by Norvel Hayes...you will be blessed.  The awesome thing is God wants you healed...it IS His will!  We must come to the Kingdom like a child.  Believe that He is, that He loves YOU, that healing is yours.  Ooo man I could preach!

How can I even be ashamed about Jesus...look what He's done for me.  I want you all to experience His love, peace, joy, healing & provision.  Big things this year my friend!!!  Kisses and love....thanks for all the prayers! 



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