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Sunday, February 19, 2012

FULL weekend leaves little time for videos...stay tuned for Carrot Cake FUN!!!

Man oh man!  I have a load of video work on my plate due to all the fun & ideas filling my days.  2 days behind.....maybe 3 or 4 even??? 

Had a wonderful weekend....spiritual awakening to start it off. God has been showing me things....things about me....God shows you something about yourself & you'll never be the same again.  In other words, He's been doing a work in me.  Good stuff, I assure you! 

For last night's event I needed long black gloves to complete my 50's vintage look.  My sister called saying she had a pair I could borrow.  Upon further investigation, she found my name on the tag....I lent them to her 16 years ago for her prom!  She overnighted them:)

I'll tell you I had a blast last night meeting several new friends and seeing countless others that are such a blessing to my world.  Buda has some of the finest men & women in this FINE state!

So many pictures to upload but too bad.  Sleep is SOOOOoooo needed now...you can wait I'm sure. 
Stay tuned on the side of this page to "The Show" for some fun videos to come in the next couple days.

Carrot Cake and Closet Staging Tips coming soon!

Hugs & BIG Blessings to you and your family!  God loves YOU and so do we!
T & fam.

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