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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Take care of your body...start exercising today

usually when I record bits for the show I talk way too much, have a hard time editing & it ends up being so much work I end up scrapping it all and not even sharing the video.  Today was MUCH different.  I had my friend Suzanne record me since she was my motivation for even talking about working out and taking care of your body.  You see, she's one of those friends that not only wears work out clothes...she actually uses them...like EVERY DAY!  She actually loves to work out...amazing! 

So it took some convincing but she came on the show with me (for a few little seconds).  Also, in light of my husbands advice I shorted my commentary.  I had SO much to tell you about but I forgot MOST of it because I was trying not to talk too much:)  Maybe next time I'll find a happy medium. 

Some things I didn't say:  I haven't been taking care of my body much throughout my life and God has been dealing with me on the subject.  Now I've decided to start trying...today.

About my show: I'm shooting for informative, helpful, inspiring, entertaining, funny (in part to my goofiness), and motivational.    I plan on taking you "picking", inviting guests on from time to time, giving you a tour of my art in progress and providing you with tips on how to live a decorated life.

If you stick with me I KNOW you'll see major improvements!  Promise!!!

1 comment:

  1. Hilarious! I laughed so hard...was that what I was supposed to do? And I can't believe you got Suzanne on the camera...You are quite persuasive.

    Love it


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