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Sunday, February 12, 2012

laughing again

can't sleep...too many things on my mind...so much happening....the last 24 hours have been a roller coaster ride of emotions

Went to Dad's today with Marc, Amanda (my sis) and her family just to mow, clean up & see about tying up some loose ends. Oh, and remember the letters I told you about? Apparently my Dad wrote letters to all of us before making the decision to end his life. even typing that out seems so terrible...all over again...anyway, "Where are the letters?" we prayed many times over. We asked God for "the letters" and our prayers were answered....:) more on the letters in tomorrows blog. Yes, it includes a video so stay tuned.

Now fast forward to this evening....with my mind & heart on reading these "letters" it took primping mindlessly in the mirror for an hour for me to finally shift to this evening's event...10th Annual Kyle Chamber of Commerce Awards Banquet. As often & as hard as I've cried in the past 2 weeks I laughed tonight. I mean laughed!!! The Bible says "a merry heart doeth good like a medicine" in Proverbs....well tonight my heart doeth good...mine for sure and I'm certain many of those amazing people that surrounded me tonight. I wish I had my camera crew there to capture the funny. Maybe next time:)

my new best friend--Jessica
brilliant pre-law athlete @ UT
So I sat at this table...the FUN table...otherwise known as table 20...right next to this fantastic gal, Jessica. She was me only 15 years ago and most likely much nicer than I ever was. Oh, and super brilliant. So you'll have a chance to meet her soon as she'll be appearing on my show....most likely about doing what you do with excellence. She's a top athelete with "mad skill" (cause that sounds cool n hip). Not only is she cute, she can get us into the sports places on campus...not sure what that means but it sounds fun, huh!?

Marilyn---Volunteer of the Year

Wendy...amazing chiropractor

I saw loads of friends & made several new ones. God is so good to me...He knew I needed a good laugh & sent the right people to inspire my creativity....hugs to you all. And to "The Director" who said I won the "Award for Best Dress"....thank you and you can just send it to my agent! xoxo

Pictures & more about the letters tomorrow...or maybe even Monday cause tomorrow is church & our long awaited church Valentine's Banquet at Green Pastures.....yet another perfect evening with friends.

Cyndy--friend with HIT newspaper!
Beverly...pilates master &
soon to be mama of 3

Trish....aka Blu Wyatt ;)

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