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Monday, February 13, 2012

Love isn't in the air....its in your WORDS and your ACTIONS

Much to tell but first let me address "the letters".  I simply don't have time to address them right now....you see I get to pick whatever I want to tell you about & for now, since I haven't read them all yet, I prefer not to share the details...more to come...PROMISE!!!

Now, down to business....I mean fun stuff....this weekend is straight out of a fairy tale...only its my life!    Good friends, conversation, makeup miracles, hair extensions, high heals, and good preachin'.  Only thing missing was dancing....I just couldn't coax Marc into it....THIS TIME!  There will be other opportunities and don't let him fool you, he rocks that dance floor my friend!
Before I tell you all about my Sunday evening & share some yummy, happy pictures with you let me take a side journey:
I'm surrounding with amazing people everyday...that is one huge way that I live decorated.  You know what you can do today....tell someone in your life why YOU find THEM amazing.  Be real!  Don't make it up to make someone feel warm n fuzzies...tell the truth and say what you normally wouldn't say.  LOVE on people today.....or even just start with one.  Guess where I'd start this week....

Yep...you got it!  Your spouse!  I mean, if you're married anyway.  Your Honey needs some sugar no matter what day it is but this week does happen to be the once a year, in your face reminder, to show someone you care.  It doesn't have to mean spending $100 on some roses...its more than that.....and longer lasting.  It's a real, genuine expression of your love, adoration and respect for that special someone in your life.   You think you can do it?  Men, you need help? I'll tell you how to make that lady in your life feel set-up-on-a -pedestal adored. 

Make a card, plan a picnic (too cold for that one but keep that idea in your back pocket), do something you don't like to do that she LOVES to do, sacrifice, write a silly poem, write a romantic poem, sing a song, write a song (Marc, I'm holding out for this one:), leave a trail of stickie notes with a long, loving message and this list goes on and on and on...maybe just email me & I'll work it out with you but DO SOMETHING WONDERFUL for her!  And ladies, you're not off the hook on this one either.  Your man deserves....a lot!  He works, provides, supports and laughs at your jokes (even when you're not funny, trust me, I KNOW:)  So I don't know what I'm going to do to make my Honey feel the love & respect I have for him.....hopefully something will come to me quickly. 

Now...may I share my evening of love, romance and chicken with you?  Picture it.....Green Pastures.
Now I have your attention.  
Our church, World Harvest Outreach Church, had our annual Valentine's Banquet and it was every bit romantic...lighting, service, food, company and even a fitting message from Pastor...all a perfect fit for my decorated life.  I thought I'd share some pics of my food, friends and even awards....FUN, I know!
 "pause" (inside joke to several of you)

Short version of the "behind the scenes" story...This beautiful lady & her husband shot this rockin' short film to advertise this Valentine's Banquet for our church and tonight we experienced a star studded night at the Oscars. Here is a shot of her awards and hugging me in poor lighting....or is it the camera setting???
One part I forgot to mention about this video..... Marc & I PRANCED!!!  Imagine my husband for a moment.  Now imagine him prancing.  Got the picture?  People were rolling in the aisles. 

Hysterical...best part is her husband making her breakfast with egg on his face...no really....egg face.  Best medicine is laughter & boy are you in for an extra dose when I get my hands on that link!   Did I forget to mention...Marc & I won the Oscar for  "Best Lovebirds"....you gotta see this clip....SOON to come...just gonna update this post so if you wanna see Marc "prance" you'll have to revisit!
Pastor John & Alison & his Mama....what a
blessing I have the best pastors!!!

 So get the idea ladies...men....LOVE!   and LOTS of it!

I even have cool Scottish friends who wear skirts!!!

gorgeous friends o' mine...lovely!!!

High Fashion, for me, always includes a
vintage element.  Tonight, however, I was
vintage overload...clutch, necklaces and coat
oh and great shoes V!

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