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Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm so ready for bed right now...the past few mornings my "rise early" attempts were thwarted by my selfish, lazy flesh suit. . For some strange reason I love staying up really really late. I just get so much done, the house looks great when we all wake up and its easier to stay that way. Tonight I did all the ironing for the month (I only make myself do it that often....I mean, why buy clothes that need such maintenance anyway!) I did some more filming for the "staging" series I'm working on. I feel like I went back to college lately, trying to learn to edit videos that is. Not to mention learning to PAUSE when talking to myself...i.e. you out in computer land. If this is your first read of my blog then I'm sorry for the inside chatter amongst my dear friends keeping up with things:) You'll be aquainted with the way I do things soon enough. I'm determined to wake up early tomorrow for quality God time....you hear that? you're my witnesses!

For tonight let me be brief...I know, what does that even mean???...I finally took my advice about writing someone a real letter. I wrote my friend Kim in North Carolina...or South Carolina, I still need her address in order to mail the thing. My Dad's letters (which I haven't even come to the halfway point:) inspired me to write...with a pencil...and paper to someone I love who lives far away. Maybe she'll be my pen pal. You see, my past is even decorated:)....Ages ago we were college roommates (best friends ever since). Boy do we have stories....talk about living life in abundance! WOW! I was putting myself through school (UTSA) while working 3 part time jobs to keep me there. Her & Roberto (that's a whole other story) let me live with them under the radar to save me from having to drop out of school....keeping up with my schedule meant I slept about 2-3 hours a night. One of my jobs was in the school library putting books back on the shelves. Rollerblades and late late nights helped me there:) had the time of my life & met some really fun people.

So many stories I won't get stuck on that...maybe she'll tell of the time we were studying in one of those private study rooms with the big windows. We would put our chairs on the table, books in our laps (just to be silly & get attention, imagine that)...a big football player dude walked by & then stopped in his tracks.. stunned at the sight I guess...oddly enough we start "posing down" with this big dude for like 5 minutes. We did a pose, he'd matched it...back & forth. FUNNY girls:) I love making memories with friends....and strangers:)

So my tip for the day: get something out of that story...whatever you get from it is what you needed to hear tonight (or today or whatever). So let it sink in or laugh like you're taking medicine for your heart:) LOVE YOU...hugs n love


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