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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

more letters...can you believe it???

If you're following my world in the past month you know all about the letters we were praying for, right?  Well today I felt a strong leading (I know this was the Holy Spirit!) to open this plastic container that had been under my dresser forever (oh, yeah...it was even in the "jewelry display" video) and I hadn't opened it or looked inside in at least 3 years.  So I open it up & look under one thing and voila!!!  All these letters my dad had sent me from 1998 to maybe 2004. 

HOW FUN!  right?!?!

He is hysterical, ya know?!  He would draw a little man running if he had to leave the letter to go get something.  He tells stories of his childhood that would knock you over! He would try to sign his name like I do mine with a bunch of squiggly lines and give me a hard time for funny things I did, then reminded me of them:)  How much fun I'm having!!!!  God is so good....and SO funny!!!!

 "All things are possible to him that believes."  Mark 9:23  I say that because last night Marc & I had powerful praise & worship in our study and this morning some quality time with God before the kids woke up....and ya know what?  We both had a beautiful and productive day.  I staged the house for pictures & that video, had quality--not rushed time with both boys, weeded the ENTIRE overgrown "garden" that runs the entire length of the back yard, watched Koen take his first 3 steps (in a row), taught him to climb the ladder on the playground, made some calls, did some computer work and kept the house picked up all day.  WOW!  Talk about a miracle!!!

Expect Mircales....they happen!
 Do you believe????

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