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Friday, January 27, 2012

lets talk good music

Doesn't everyone decorate their lives with music they love?  What about you?  What kind of music gets your juices flowing?  Well, I've been hankerin' for some goooood music.  I love some jazz, funk, soul, even classical & instrumental tickle my fancy.  I tried to pop in some Ben Harper today & while I love his sound & miss it from time to time (along with India Arie, Manu Chou, Floetry and many others)  while listening to the words I had to jump to the next song several times.  I simply don't feel comfortable anymore with the negative.  Gone are the days of depressing country tunes where the wife left with the dog in the rain.  Make any sense?  

So I'm asking anyone interested in helping me out to send me some good music leads.  Add praise & worship to the list above.  I did find this great song by one of my favorites... Mary Alessi.  Pressing On  See if you like it.  
Mary Mary, Nicole C. Mullens,  Binions  & Toby Mac are currently top on my list but I've been listening to all those cd's for ages now.  Time for a fresh library.

I'll also attach an amazing worship video but I warn you...watch it in your home...tune out everything else & just meditate on God, His love for you and nothing else.  I promise you will be blessed....watch this...

Live Decorated by listening to good music without bad words or negative confessions.  You're filling your mind & heart with anything you allow in your ear gate or eye gate.  Guard the gates:)  check out Proverbs 4:23 to better understand my ramblings.

love and hugs


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