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Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Years Resolution...finally ready to put into motion:

Marinade a bit let my words sink indeep
I have these two amazing friends.  One young, gorgeous, confident, loud and extremely hip, the other soft-spoken, gentle, private and longing to be as classy on the outside as she is inside.both amazing women for totally different reasons.  Common denominators: They LOVE peoplethey LOVE the Lordand they walk it out! They’re not ashamed of who they are or who He is.  Not embarrassed to share this amazing Gift.   
Handing out tracts.
Praying for others & expecting immediate healing or provision (and seeing it).
Inviting people over just to share the Good News.
Telling strangers about who He is.  Do you know who He is?

Along the same lines, God is dealing with me about something big“love”.  Lovewhat a word?  I love people, I do.  I love my husband, that’s for sure.  I love those amazing boys He has so graciously given me.  But do I walk in love all the time?  No!  Do I walk in love half the time?  Most likely NOT!  That’s why He’s dealing with me so greatly right nowabout this one big thing.  You know why it’s “big” because He IS LOVE! 
So here are my goals as of January 1NOT a New Year’s Resolution, but real goals.
Loving the Lord by always putting Him first
Loving my husband without expectations or limitations or judgement
Loving my children “out loud” and just the way they need to be loved
Loving my neighbor as myself…even those I don’t really like very muchJ  We all have ‘em, right?
I might not always get it right but no one is perfect… I will get up and keep tryingJ  Love

And this yearexpect BIG things as you start the most amazing adventure of your life.  Oh man, Marc & I were just talking about this today.  I have always, and I mean since the Big Bend trip with Melissa --that story is at least 3 hours long if we get together to tell it—so basically-- always treated my life as an adventure.
Who would I meet next?
What city would I be in next week? 
What country?
What new place could I find for some local flavor? 
But never during all that traveling did I feel a need to tell anyone about Jesus.well it all ends here folks.  I have friends all over the world & soon it’ll be time to visit & share with them the Love that IS God!  Whoohoo. 
I’ve always known I’m a traveling girl but how much fun to adventure with my family.  I have such a stupendous familyhave you met them?  Well, I’m no longer at it alone I have the Holy Spirit leading me & Peace that passes ALL understanding and a God who meets ALL my needs and a family to share it all with. 
Hello worldHere I am!  Here we are!  Here He is!!!!!!  Oh Lord, give me the strength to ride this ride & be all that YOU want me to be.  I give You my all.  I surrender and gratefully expect Your Blessings to pour out for me and that all those around me will be affected by the Love that lives inside of us.  I expect great things from here on outmy New Year’s Resolutionthere you have it folks!  Expect Great things! 

Bottom line for starting the year out right is accepting Jesus into your heart.  Right here & now.  Insead of hiding behind clever words (which I usually don’t have anyway) I’m just gonna tell you ….life isn’t really lived until you have Jesus on your side.  The real adventure begins now. 
John 3:16
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life

If you don’t know how to accept Jesus into your heart then email me: thegreypear@gmail.com  I love you & more importantly HE LOVES YOU!!!!  He has big big things in store for youif you’ll just believe. 

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