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Thursday, March 15, 2012

breaking up with cookies....finally

Look at this old post from May 2011 I found that I never published...never too late to share a laugh with friends:)

I'm not sure just how long ago it was...a month...maybe longer when I had my first (as far as I can remember) noteworthy interaction with cookies....yes, that's right....cookies.

I was walking by the pantry one afternoon knowing I only had a few hours before I was breaking into that bag of cookies (after boys' bedtime). 

----------no limits. 
----------no one telling me how bad they were for my body or echoing my weight loss goals (as if I really established any of those since Koen was born). 

Here it is...wait for it!

I winked! 

Not only did I wink AT the cookies, I gave them a little "I'll see you later" kind of grin across my face.  Just as I made my way from the kitchen to the living room it dawned on me what I had just done & I burst out laughing...."I just winked at the cookies" I rattled off to Marc. 

Laughing-tummy-pains followed.

My latest incident was last night (5/21) after spending cuddly time with my honey on the porch in the rain storm.  I went to the kitchen (11pm) to have ANOTHER cookie, which could've been my 8th but who was counting, and I exercised self-control for perhaps the first time in 10 years.  I wrapped up the 2 remaining cookies & 2 brownies (what!?! only 2 left?  I couldn't have eaten that many, surely Marc’s the guilty party there) and told them I was done with them.  I broke up with my cookies!  Then, now here’s the wacky part (as if the rest is balanced & centered:), as I placed them in the pantry I told them I'd see them tomorrow!....

Really.what is my deal???

So there you have it....my cookie break-up.  Now if only sugar probation existed -- where I had to answer to someone for my sugar weakness.  Marc is no help because if we're out of sweets in the house he'll beg me to go to the store regardless of the hour or the activity I'm wrapped up with.  No help from my Honey! 



Mind...shut UP!!!

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