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Sunday, March 11, 2012

change is a comin'....BIG....watch out world:)

Its been 5 nights since I've slept like a "normal" person & I'm exhausted beyond imagination! 

Hey...wait!  Now you know I'm not a negative nancy...just spouting off a bit....let's reflect: Texas Style Council (TxSC) Blogger Conference set me into inspiration overload ...and yet I run to a show where more inspiration floods my mind:)...Shark Tank  I make myself laugh sometimes.

I met some truly amazing amazing lovely beautiful ladies this weekend....all touched my life in a unique way and I can't wait to share my experience with you over the next week....for now....

I can quickly give you a taste of what's to come:
    TxSC Symposium: one of the panel of experts who taught
    me some good bits....will share as time allows:)
  1. Total change of the "look" of my site or my brand or my overall feel because it doesn't really reflect my life/world/outlook/message and I need to learn more about this limiting Blogger avenue in order to do this....google search & lots of time in front of the computer
  2. better flow or you may say "focus"
  3. more of the Staging Series I've been working on ..loads of interest in staging from multiple sources so I'll certainly provide my readers MORE!
  4. WAY more....of my show.  more guests, interviews, decor tips, inspiration, encouragement and LOVE coming your way
  5. a diddy...or a jingle I guess you'd call it.  Its in the works & when I get my voice back I'll be recording it...and it'll play at the start of all my episodes...woohoo!
  6. last but not least I'm going to introduce you to some great stores, artists and bloggers and why I love them. 
  7. ok....really this is last one....LESS words!  Can you imagine I could convey a message with less than 10,000 words:)  I know, right!
love, hugs and ni-night


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