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Monday, March 26, 2012

Pause button no longer activated---Blogging continues

written Saturday....
weekly project:entertain neighbors via front porch....
a sampling of my art for a local paper
(oops, didn't even make the deadline)
After what seems like forever since we've spoken (err, I've spoken...to you) I thought for sure I'd return with some profound truths that would send a tremor through this fallen world.... boy was I wrong!

Several times the past few days I've wanted to blog....share a special moment with you or a quick laugh. Instead I'd stop and thank God above for my blessings--my husband, kiddos, a home to decorate, cowboy boots, carrot cake, and a springtime afternoon. Maybe it was a fast. Have you ever done one of those? The results can be astounding, really! Don't people give things up for lent?---not sure which religion that is, sorry. Anyway, whatever you call it, He helped me regain confidence in where He's taking me.... and this blog.
So there ya have it....no rambling....just me thowin' it out there.

now its Monday....
Well, well, well.  We have the victory!!!  Yesterday while the boys were
taking their after church nap I painted the master bathroom start to finish---I love the energy at 100 mph non-stop turbo speed....totally my gig!  After that I moved all the furniture around in the master bedroom & study and will soon be painting those 2 rooms as well. 

In case you don't already know we're staging our house for sale and each room is a process.  Paint is usually the most cost effective way to bring about change to your home & unify the space...I'll be uploading some bathroom staging tips including before & after pics this week.  wait for it.

Back to my profound eye opening "blogger pause" and a sweet little WARNING!  
When you seek God with your whole heart be ready to be changed.  This time, God had a bit of correction for me.  Is there anyone out there who actually likes to hear what they're doing wrong?  None that I know, anyway.  Well I'm no different.   I don't really like being put in my place but this time it was different for me.....I had joy in my heart  (rather than beating myself up over mistakes or imperfections I repented & received His mercy with joy). 

While giving me the grace to run around my house like a joyful DIY speed racer .....He was also correcting me.  He red flagged my words....and my attitude!  Huge chunks of irritation..... at my husband who refused to help paint until all was left was cutting in the ceiling (which we KNOW I'm not going to hand over to him and his shaky hands).   Where was I, oh, yes, my words.....my WORDS!!!!    I mean to say, my loving husband works so hard all week I'd love for him to join the boys in the family after church nap:)  better? 

No seriously,.....I know how powerful our words are.   The Bible says "death and life are in the power of the tongue:.  I know to watch what I say....so why am I letting things slip?  Not anymore y'all.  I was lovingly & gently reminded to watch it and that I what I intend to do.  I speak life over my marriage, my boys, our businesses, my friends and family.  Life and NOT death....blessings NOT cursing.   

That brings me to about midnight this morning, in the middle of my busy household work I hit pause....went to the living room....sat down on the vintage orange settee and (don't leave me here, I'm totally somewhat normal) it was as if He wrapped me in His loving arms & held me there....barefoot in my living room with paint in my hair:)  Tears streaming down my face..... I'm forgiven!  You're forgiven!

I have a LONG way to go to be who He wants me to be.....where He wants me to be....influencing the people I'm to influence........a LONG way....but and I trust in Him.  Why do you think I constantly use Proverbs 3:5-6 for my art?  I'm reminding myself, and those around me to simply TRUST.....in God!   Ah man, He loves you & has big big stuff for you. 

I encourage you this week to find 5 things a day you're thankful for & tell Him....all good things come from Him anyway, might as well say "thank you", right?

hugs n love
                                   n good-smelling, kind words to you this beautiful starry night.



  1. love your blogs - thanks for sharing such inspirational stuff!

  2. Hey Sis, reading your blogs is like hangin' out with you! Love keeping in touch. Guess what? We just had our house painted (the outside) and chose to go with white for the trim. The color clearly revealed small, quizzical critters that strangly resembled termites. Yikes! They were termites! Early detection is key. So, we'll have the entire property treated and be right as rain! Counting our blessings! God is SO Amazing!
    Much love to you all. Give the boys a big hug and kiss from Auntie Mae!


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