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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Final pics of Staging my boys room...finally

It sure was a big weekend for Mama learning blogging stuff & meeting loads of interesting women.  As I collect my thoughts, get in touch with a few new friends (totally behind on this and the next), change up the look of my blog & hang with my boys (#1 priority) I found a few moments to finish the room.  Take a look:

overall feel is way better, huh?  Hopefully you saw the terrible pics from my "smartphone" in an earlier post.
Marc snagged this bed (originally in barbie pink) at a thrift store for just $5....quick coat of paint & some old rusted metal door knobs to top it all and there you have it!  My message to you:  don't be afraid to replace some BIG bulky or out-dated furniture with some newer, slimmer types to make the space look & feel more spacious.
Bought the side table at a garage sale for $5 as well & slapped on some white paint for a fresh look.
 These shelves were a gift from a friend....on their way to the trash:) 
the 3 vintage trucks we bought for $30....great find but a tad more than I would usually spend:)
message:  look for some random items to showcase or group a collection together rather than family pictures on the wall

This dresser is very special to me....I was asking God for a low dresser to replace the tall boy that stood here last week.  A friend called & said she found a great dresser in some one's garage & she wanted to buy it for me....yay!!!  I accepted gladly!  It didn't come with any knobs and the lady had just sanded it completely down.  All I had to do was paint it and add some really old door knobs for the top drawers (I love to keep bits like this in my collection for such a time as this:) and some drawer pulls I found while "picking" my dad's place---in his old RV.  My sister picked up 2 more for me during her last visit (hence the funky bottom knob less drawer:)  message:  keep top of dresser & tables "neat & tidy" and clutter free...always
 a cute angle showing off my quilt...a gift from Aunt Sunday---you may have a problem with my wall mural but it's ok.....I don't:)  There is usually something the seller isn't willing to do to their house usually because of money or time....mine has nothing to do with either.  Have you ever been into one of those model homes that has some interesting wall treatments?  The reason is to achieve a focal point for a room, give it a boost of character without making the space too personal....there, my friends, is my reason for keeping the funky "love tree" on my son's wall.  It just may sell this house:)

T's artwork might just stay up while the house shows....its a cute touch when not overpowering a space.  Don't be afraid to show off some of your kids artwork even if your house is on the market....just a touch gives a sense of whimsy.


  1. This is awesome. Keep the staging ideas coming. I love it!

  2. It looks great! And T loves his new room.


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