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Thursday, March 15, 2012

photo booth madness

I'm a memory-makin-mama I'll have you know.  Here is a great memory I made with some of my girlies from this rockin' blogger conference....Holly & Kara.

the moment was captured by the Austin Airstream photobooth
 I have every intention to hiring them (or swaying a sponsor to hire them) for my next Shopping Extravaganza.  Super cool element to any party...and a MUST have for me as we all know!

I've shared how much I enjoyed this evening & overall weekend but here's my message for the day:
use a photobooth as inspiration to capture the moment with friends or family..
especially the silly ones to enjoy years to come.
I love to take random pics any change I see a photo booth then frame the teeny bits of joy in a simple black frame.  I use white card stock as the backing & simply stick the image off center using "tacky back tape" ( or 2 sided tape)

simple n silly


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