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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

recap of TxSC blogger conference---plus cool pics

You realize after this ancient pause I've been on I have loads to catch you up on....so lets start with 2 weeks ago when I attended the coolest conference ever! A blogger conference:) TxSC  Can you believe it? Yeah!
LOVE the delicate necklaces here 
Whitney is wonderful so tell her I sent you
So rather than use a million words (you know I can do it) I'll tell the story with pictures..... (side note of importance) I found out at the conference that about everyone uses Instagram for funky pictures (I, being so disconnected, had only just heard of it). Without an iPhone to use this rockin' app I ended up spending crazy time playing with these pictures to make them look exactly as I think they should....surprisingly without my close friend, Mr. Photoshop. As if my photo editing obstacle wasn't enough, take my little
point & shoot camera.... on dummy setting.....he was stretched pretty thin & wide by this amateur photographer.   Moving along....

The first ladies I met...during our morning photography session
kind enough to let me test our my camera

cruising through the 2nd Street District
we had to stop into Duo to see my friend, Holly's big shot (look above the cash register)

Poshmark is a great way to shop
and make money from your closet
(gotta have an iPad or iPhone though:)

During the perfectly planned & executed Posh Party
there was a fun photo session  setup with balloons & gold string---brilliant idea!!!
(photographer Peter Tung) 2 different takes from my eyes to yours:)
In Pink:  ---LOVE LOVE the great prices (get on the email list & receive great deals---(my deal today was only $13.20) and you'll be amazed at the packaging when it arrives!!!!!
The owner was such a joy...she even posed for this picture
then Erin took her picture .....so I took Erin's picture....funny world I create for myself:)

Noonday Collection: a favorite of mine considering they
help change lives around the world....see more
accessories, home decor, gifts and you can have your own trunk show
changing the world in your living room barefoot with all your friends:)
 I must tell you about rae Cosmetics
its heat & perspiration proof....hello Texas ladies...we NEED it!
This talented make up lady (why don't I write names down? and if you know her leave me a
comment please) is working over my new model friend, Holly.

This BonBon jewelry is right up my alley....sticker shock will NOT be an obstacle
for me when I'm uber wealthy so I will own some of their earrings:)
They also give to loads of charitable causes so check 'em out.  Quality is worth the price!

If you own an iPhone this app is a MUST!
Stylebook will revolutionize the way you look at your closet, put outfits together,
pack for a trip, manage your need/want list and too much more to remember, honestly. 

 Manic Trout has a very unique line of jewelry with equally unique names
Picture of My Life has been added to my wish list:)....
Although Botox seems really fun too!!!  :)

 yes, another beautiful fashion line for you to buy from....
Peacock Plume is great for clothes & accessories on ANY budget
check out this dress for just $20....WOW!!!!
Holly here is also an interior designer....gifted little gal!

 Everyone seemed to know all about ModCloth except me so I made friends with Turi &
fell in love with them because of her sweet personality...when I finally made it to their website I fell
in love all over again!  You MUST visit!  After 2 kids I'm never wearing a bikini again!  There is now hope for me...check this out:)

 hundreds of folks at the Saturday night Posh Party....right up my alley. 

I am totally adding this to my list of MUST haves for my next big women's Shopping Event
the Airstream Photobooth was a huge hit!!!  see me & my friends here

At the end of the day Sunday I was so out of it...not having slept much in 5 days....yet I had to stop and take this picture of this beautiful bee (yes, with my trusty point & shoot)....love you Mr. Bee

with a load of new friends (only a few of which I even photographed:(  sadly) and a wealth of new blogger ideas & plans to implement I'm well on my road to blogger success:)  But right now at 2:20 am I'm about tapped out of funny, witty thoughts much less deep and interesting ones....
so I must leave you.....for my bed:) 

Oh, have I told you how much I LOVE my bedroom with the new configuration of the furniture & art???  Well, I do!  And you can't see it until I paint the walls.  Hopefully tomorrow will be the staging tips & pics from the bathroom....we shall see.

kisses n hugs and a bucket full of big laughs


  1. Melanie here! I enjoyed this piece, please email me--I have a question about your blog. MelanieLBowen[at]gmail[dot]com

  2. It was so much fun and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to meet you. I'm still recovering from a bad cold or whatever I caught from the rain in Austin that weekend. I hope you enjoy your weekend...hugs right back at ya! :)


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