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Monday, March 19, 2012

stop running frantic--let's refocus together

Ever get so caught up in the day to day grind that you lose sight of the bigger, more important picture? 
We all have stuff; work, driving all over the place, returning phone calls, paying the bills, making the beds and finding time to clean the toilets.......we get so caught up that we forget what's really important. 

I know, I know you've heard this before...well, maybe you need to hear it again (just like I do) so if you take this sweet little moment with me...I’ll remind BOTH of us of what’s important.

First, let me go back just a bit: about a year ago God said to me "blog & YouTube"which totally caught me off guard sinceor seen one.  Honestly, I didn’t care what those “self-centered weirdo’s” out there (sorry to my new blogger friends for that stupid stereotype) had to say. 
I had never even opened a blog

Having no idea what He meant with “YouTube” I started my blog! ..... I muddled through the first 9 months or so loathing every minute of it.  Ya see, I was forcing myself to obey without actually seeking Him and understanding HIS timing for the thing.  I ran full speed ahead (as I do with most things)....I left God in the dust.   However, finally.....I slowed down enough to ask God “what’s up?...I’m not enjoying myself here...help me out”.

Back in December God showed me some pretty powerful things about my blog and what’s to come and let me just say WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t miss it....I’m on the right track! It’s gonna be BIG!!! Bigger and better than I could ever dream of doing..... on my own, that is!  However, nothing is impossible with God and I don’t have to do it on my ownI just have to obey & He’ll do the rest. And ya know what? 

I love it now....every minute of it. 

(little bunny trail for ya)
I love sharing my heart with you...sharing interesting places to go...things to do...things to see....staging tips... décor ideas ....really anything I think you need to know or do.... for YOU to live a decorated life.  Let’s not forget my real passion......to encourage YOU.  

Too many people out there tell you you’re not good enough or you’re not going to do that or have that.  I’m here to tell you just the opposite.....you CAN do it, have it, be it! 

On the other hand...... who really cares what I have to say, right?!?  

(slowly...say it with me)  Aaaaahhhhh...but God cares!  He cares about YOU!  He loves you so much that He sent His son Jesus to lay down His life for you...yes, YOU! 
(ahh, back on track...bye bye bunny trail)
Why did I start this post out by reminding you how busy your life is---as if you didn’t already know?  What’s all this talk about remembering what's important?  what is important?
God...your relationship with Him, your knowledge of Him through His word.  For me, this means I need some time to really focus on God, to give Him all of me.... and to be the best mama and wife I can be..... to walk this out with VICTORY...not simply mediocrity. 
I want the greatness He has for me as I yield my life, thoughts, habits, relationships and even this blog to HIM!

So I’m coming to you today with an open heart, transparent as I can be to say I'm taking a bit of a blogger break. (no clue how longwe shall see)
I’ll be taking notes as I go so I can share the bits He wants me to share when the time is right...

I encourage you to join me on this adventure....get alone with Him & tell Him how much you love Him...how grateful you are for all He's done in your life. I know God wants to tell us something....to do something IN us....YOU and ME....right now! 

I pray that we...you and I....as we embark on this journey.... hear from God in EVERY area of our lives.   I pray your life is changed forever by spending time with your Maker.
I pray that when I return to post those tidbits of truths (some deep, some shallow and even those quite random bits) the person reading will get what he or she needs and be blessed....isn’t that what it means to live decorated anyway?!?

I’ll miss you
many changes to take place, starting here & now, so stick with me & we'll do great things!!!!

Hugs n way lots of love to keep you until we speak again,


P.S. here's a little something to leave you with.... didn't even have enough memory tank for the end of the video:) 

P.S.S.  as I read this to my husband we talked about our different writing styles.  I said, I feel it’s a bit “messy”...he just laughed!  He said “that’s just how you talk...you’re all over the place.”  Great!  What am I to do with that?    Maybe my messy is ok....how will I know?
  Alright, enough already, I’m out......kisses!


  1. Your "messy" is just perfect... it's you and it blesses us. After all, you are who He created you to be... perfectly you!! Keep up the good work; listen diligently and He will tell you AWESOME and AMAZING things. I look forward to what you have to share with us in the coming days. Enjoy your break and may you be REFRESHED and at peace.

    1. you may never know how this comment inspired me & encouraged me....to no end:) much love to you mystery friend!!!

  2. Hi Trish - Such a great blog! I can hear you talk, see your smile and hear your laugh. Wish there weren't so many miles between us and I could see you oftener. Love you, Aunt Carol


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