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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rudeness stole my sleep....God's way of getting my attention

Shaken from a deep sleep by a dream where I encountered a pointedly rude salesperson at a certain yummy eatery that will remain unnamed.  (Primarily because I'm not sure if the place exists as I sit in my dreamy haze)   So why, I ask myself, did I allow her snottiness to raise me from my cozy slumber?  

To tell you this.....live decorated!
You think I could come up with a better message!  

But really, read on..... decorate your life by being kind to those around you, even those you may not know. Get a grip on your attitude when you just don't feel like being sweet.  You never know how your words, actions, body language can affect another person...it may even steal their sleep:)   so STOP being ugly!  

Wanna go a bit deeper?  Well too bad, we're going.....would you like to be let in on a little secret?  One that just now came to me as I'm typing this message?  (God is so GOOD how He opens my eyes to things while I'm blogging)  
You wanna know how I know so much about this first hand?  Because  I allowed circumstances around me to steal my peace and joy and emit a foul smelling aroma that seemed to radiate from my every pore.  (leave it to God to put it so .....uh........gently)

Sometimes circumstances aren't as perfect as we'd like them to be....get over it!  The Bible said in James 1 to "count it all JOY when you fall into various trials & temptations"....this is where my life motto comes into play, live decorated .....by choosing to renew your mind with the Word of God instead of your own stinkin' thinkin' you make your world a better place to live....therefore affecting others around you for the better.  
I know its hard!
I had to do it and I didn't want to read that passage because "joy" is not what I "counted" anything while going through this storm.

Here's another dose of some nasty truth....we're dealing with our son about having a "happy heart" even when he doesn't get his way instead of throwing fits and growling.  Sounds familiar.    (ok, maybe not the growling)  I'm currently learning the same lesson here folks and that could be the very reason...... his heart was mirroring mine.....YUCK!!!!

This is a lot for me to digest at this wee morning hour so I'll have to pray, give it to God, see if I know that woman in my dream (she asked me to take her out of my blog and believe me I would never send my readers to a place that would treat them so poorly:) and get back to sleep.   I'd love to actually learn this lesson so I don't have to repeat it......yet again.

Read all of James chapter 1 just to get the big picture of what I'm trying to convey and let it marinate in your heart....then maybe your outlook will be more in focus using the lenses of His Word, which is His promise to you & me.  Jesus came to give us life, and life more abundantly.....which is somewhere in that Book....doesn't come to me right now.

 I'm striving for JOY so please join me!

hugs n love & good rest

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