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Saturday, March 10, 2012

late night work #2...as good as its gonna get tonight

midnight & I'm at my stopping point....ish.

in 2 hours time...
    going to bed without completing my 
    project---would finish if I could nail
    holes in the wall and move a dresser
    all alone without infuriating my Honey
    at midnight:)
  1. painted baseboards
  2. moved new bed frame in from garage & added vintage door knobs to the tops (see pic)
  3. washed more laundry
  4. added knobs to lovely dresser I re-fabbed for this room (can't move it from garage into his room without waking the fam.....maybe I'll ask help tomorrow before I leave at 8:30:)
  5. set coffee
  6. painted a couple door jams in the hall
  7. refolded all Tiernan's clothes & moved 'em into new dresser drawers
  8. folded 3 loads--finally
what I didn't do:
  1. dishes
  2. picking up whole house of toys, clothes & misc. messes (3 boys to keep up after)
  3. drink enough water
  4. move the new dresser inside:(  sadly
  5. hang wall art in newly designed space
  6. put away all laundry (as you can see from this pic)


  1. Bed put together (sans mattress which is at rent house), dresser moved in from garage, drawers put in place...although I can't find the pulls for one drawer...table we were using for coffee table in living room is now Tiernan's bedside stand. Curious to see how you feel about configuration and what it will look like after you're done with it:) I just put the pieces where you had them laying...assuming that was your intention.

    Love you.

  2. I have the most amazing husband y'all

  3. I have the most amazing husband y'all


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