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Friday, March 16, 2012

Austin Chronicle....another chance to be on camera

TxSC Blogger Conference was amazing & life changing for meseriously!  Sound corny?  Well, that’s me!  My world was touched by so many loving, beautiful, fun, confident ladies I have to share some stuff ...even if its only bits n pieces here and there....before time gets too far away. 

Me & my new model friend, Holly at Duo
  in the 2nd St District --Austin

Not enough time to share it all...seems that is a trend these days...but for now here's a video....

A blog/video taken by one of the Chronicle authors who was capturing SXSW activity and found us at Langford on 2nd St.  The buses had just dropped us off from a shopping trip to Savers and I shared with her ALL my finds:)  Ayeesha was gracious and witty.ooo and love the hair!!!  Check it out here

one thing I love more than being on camera is making friends & encouraging people.  Everyone needs to hear something wonderful about themselves that stands out to someone else...that can be physical or just a look, a smile, an attitude (which we all know are visible on the outside too). 

Love n dark chocolate,



  1. Hey Trish!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! I still haven't sent you that email about my day job contact info. Coming soon... promise!

    It was such a pleasure meeting and chatting with you. Looking forward to keeping up with each other online!

  2. Hi Trish!

    So glad you stopped by our blog! It was so great chatting with you at TxSC. Btw, your fur coat is just fabulous! Feel free to contact us anytime! I love the polaroid we took as well, good thing we were able to get one in :)



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