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Friday, March 9, 2012

late night work in progress---staging my boys room

mini blog pause!
before (pic of bed for CL actually)
what does that mean?  it means I gotta share what's up in the midst of this FUN evening.  Missed the first night of the TxSC blogger conference....the swap party to have a deeply needed date night with my Honey.  Now that our oldest is staying over at the in-laws (thanks Mimi & Papa) I can get some work done. 
about to paint baseboards---
leaving funky tree art :)
Sold the bunk bed on craigslist today (part of my staging series I'm in the process of adding to the blog), took it apart just now....cleaned baseboards and about to start painting....yes at 10pm I'm starting my work.  clean his floors, paint his baseboards, set morning coffee, fold laundry....

.....and oh, what am I to wear tomorrow to spend all day in and out of the rain with a bunch of young, cute, hip fashionista blogger women I've never met.  Do I even have anything in my closet to live up to this kind of pressure????  We shall see...most likely LAST on my to do list tonight, if even at all:)  See you ladies tomorrow (HA! as if they're up reading MY blog:)

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