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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

some amazing products with strong CAUSES...affecting change for this world

I'm not behind...oh no I'm not.  When I accomplish my task is precisely when it needed to be done.:)

I'd love to share with you some vendors at the TxSC Conference that really left a lasting impression on me.  Most likely this is one of several posts I'll be adding about the conference because it rocked my world on so many levels.....I thought here was a good launching pad so come along now....

I'll be contacting these and other remarkable companies to hopefully join my next annual F.O.G. Shopping Extravaganza....TBA
In no particular order...other than the order their cards fell on my desk in front of me....please click on the links to learn more about these awesome companies, how you can get involved and add them to your collectoin....start today!

Beauty with a Purpose
the picture says it ALL

Since the pictures don't speak as loudly to this cause as they do to the company above I'll quote:
"your purchase can put girls through school in Uganda, restore dignity to abandoned women in Ethiopia, and empower communities in Ecuador."

who doesn't want a cutie pie purse to show off??
buying one of these helps provide jobs to the poor:)

Are you inspired to add to your wardrobe & cosmetic collection???  I hope so!  Watch out for some more great creators, designers & products....coming soon!

hugs n love


  1. I LOVE the Noonday Collection. Those ladies are so quality!! I went online yesterday to buy a clutch! I actually bought from all these vendors...great excuse to buy something!

    1. Agreed! I just knew you loved them:) because you are "decorated" inside and out:) xox

    2. Agreed! I just knew you loved them:) because you are "decorated" inside and out:) xox

  2. Loved these lines, too! So great meeting you last weekend, and I hope you'll keep in touch! XOXO


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