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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fast Photo Recap

With a sliver of time to post I’m introducing to you my quick photo wrap up version.  Hang on tight & enjoy the ride.

Food inspired me last week as you can see.....decorating my belly while making my taste buds do a happy dance.
As you may know already I’m a HUGE fan of Chick-fil-A...best chicken sandwich ever (order the #2).  However this Jack in the Box chicken sandwich caught my eye.  I love colorful fresh food and this presentation was superb...
way to go Jack! 

Introducing the best Sunday breakfast ever!  Farm fresh eggs from Mama G., turkey bacon, organic oatmeal (in Grandma Barbie's bowl) and top off this healthy meal with fresh juice from the juicer (in my favorite juice glass)....thanks Honey for such a yummy treat...and for display I give you a 10:)

Sunday night Life Group and we amped up the snacks from our norm....popcorn & decaf to this....organic chips, homemade guacamole, Marc’s famous queso (not shown), cucumber water, peanuts, and M&M’s (which we conveniently forgot to leave out ... I polished off tonight)....yummmmmm......Thanks once again Honey for your culinary genius!

Hello boys...... smile, we’re at Sea World!  You can't tell by this picture but I promise they enjoyed themselves.

Even though Shamu was the favorite the alligators were a close second....no time to recap, you'll have to watch The Show.

family fun...and smiles .... The Show takes you to Sea World for a taste of our family adventure....enjoy.

There's the short update....being that it's 1:00am I should tie things up a bit....morning comes early these days!

kisses n love n hugs to ya!!!


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