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Monday, April 23, 2012

exterior staging...updates

With a severe case of poison ivy from our outdoor weekend adventures I'm taking a day of rest (with a doctor visit).  It’ll all get done, don’t worry. 
a couple more treasures from
my Dad I've given new life
Staging Update:
  • Finished landscaping front yard with about a $200 (soil, flowers, lining, mulch) and loads of elbow grease. 
  • Painted garage (fun video soon to follow)
  • Hated the color so we painted it again.
  • Finished all trim & cutting in
  • Trimmed the bushes & raked the mess (thanks Leslie)

Still to go:
  • Build laundry room shelves
  • Paint those shelves
  • Touch up paint entire house...interior
  • Clean all windows
  • Paint
    Koen’s baseboards
  • Landscape backyardthis is a BIG one
  • Decorate Study & MasterI know, still haven’t finished this!
  • And a few more bits I can’t recall right now:)

The garage after the (terrible) first paint color...trust me its WAY better with the final treatment....stay tuned for final pics
My Dad left me this awesome old washing machine I will be turning into my herb garden.
for now I'm using it for staging my front porch with happy ferns

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