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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

weekend adventure through pictures

I absolutely LOVE the outdoors: camping, hiking, swimming, beach lounging, roller blading, biking, and about anything else outside. 

Here’s a couple shots of my in-laws land we roamed this weekend....peaceful and serene.

Amazing adventures & oh so good for the kids. (Minus the “weeding” of the poison ivy by hand...hello, stupid!!!) 

best sunset picture I could get with my phone...doesn't do the moment justice
feeding time & they come running!
think I'm gonna turn this into some funky art with photoshop
he sure loves his independence since he's walking now
such an amazing view of their natural springs--the boys love it here!!!
try getting a picture at dusk of speed eating chickens
looks like a pro already!!!
absolute favorite thing to do....throw rocks....throw anything really!
view from my Dad's favorite fishing hole....and the new poison ivy resort
roll out of bed...jump in the swing----stunning view from front porch
picking flowers for Mimi's kitchen....hope she likes 'em.

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